Radio phone in caller forced to admit she 'has no idea' what's in Johnson's Brexit deal - but supports it anyway

Radio phone in caller forced to admit she 'has no idea' what's in Johnson's Brexit deal - but supports it anyway

As of 11pm on 31 January, Britain has left the EU.

But do people really know what's in store? Probably not, if we remember this ridiculous call between James O'Brien and a caller from Fulham.

Initially, Muffy suggests she wants to talk about Boris Johnson's alleged infidelities, but helpfully clarifies:

I'm obviously not his mother. I'm not one of his former wives or present wives, and I'm certainly not the mother of his love child.

But the conversation inevitably moves on to Brexit and Johnson's deal, which Muffy implies she supports. When questioned on its specifics, she replies:

I haven't seen, obviously, the deal. None of us have.

(A PDF of the deal is available here, just FYI.)

O'Brien quite reasonably asks her why she wants it, if she doesn't really know what's in it? And that's where it takes a turn for the bizarre. She says:

Well you keep talking about the bonnet and what's underneath it. I can buy any car and not understand what's underneath the bonnet and still have a wonderful car.

But then clarifies:

As it turns out, I do know what's under the bonnet.

"Oh good," said O'Brien. "What's in the deal?"

Muffy replied:

I think there's a lot of stuff in there that's very good for the UK.

Which isn't exactly a response, but O'Brien goes along with it, asking if she could give an example. When he gets no response, he asks again. And again. And again. A total of five times, to be exact.

Her response is to say that we would have a good trading deal with Europe. O'Brien doesn't mention that if that's her main priority the best option might be to... stay in the EU.

Muffy's response was to say that "Nick" was being very biased.

Eventually O'Brien (not Nick) dropped the mic with this point.

It's not that I don't like what you're saying, it's that what you're saying is gibberish and I like my listeners too much to allow them to absorb it uninterrupted. 

Once again, you said there's lots of stuff in the deal that's very good for the UK ... I've asked you to name one thing that's written down that you believe to be good for the UK.

I asked for 10 things, but I am being greedy, Muffy. So I will accept one thing.

Needless to say, his efforts were unsuccessful, and the segment ended with Muffy admitting she "has no idea" what's actually in the deal.

You can watch the full conversation in the video below.

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