People who voted leave now calling into LBC to say why they would now vote remain

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Tuesday 26 March 2019 10:15

Theresa May suffered yet another embarrassing defeat in the Commons after three pro-EU Tory ministers resigned from their posts to support a cross-party bid to hold indicative votes on Wednesday, which would allow the Commons to test support for different Brexit options.

The country had been offered a brief reprieve as the EU extended the Article 50 deadline by two weeks, but Theresa May admitted there was “still not sufficient support” to bring her Brexit deal to the Commons for a “meaningful vote.”

On 25 March over one million people marched in the streets of London, some demanding a People’s Vote and others demanding a second referendum and a Final Say.

With such turbulent times ahead, LBC Radio host James O’Brien invited Brexiteers who changed their minds about remaining in the EU to call in to his radio show.

Many who called in cited misinformation and misplaced nationalism as the reason they initially voted to leave the EU. Given the chance, they would vote differently.

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Here are three who called in:

Philip, from Hatfield

Why did he vote to leave? ‘The reason I voted to leave is mainly bureaucracy. I’m paying money to my parish council for stuff…now I’m paying someone else for stuff.’

Why would he vote to remain? 'In the last six months or so I’ve realised…big mistake.'

The way this has been badly negotiated. We’re going to get a poor deal. We might [as well] remain in [the EU].

Andy, from Stanford

Why did he vote leave? 'It’s interesting you say about unicorns and fact-checking because I’m guilty of buying a unicorn and not checking.'

I, like a lot of people cast my vote in 2016. I was an ardent Brexiteer. I cast it in good faith, bringing what I believe [would] be to make our own laws in this country again.

I believe we would be able to form our own trade deals. Make our country better. I believed the politicians. I used to watch debates with...Andrea Leadsom on the leave campaign. It really spoke to me.

Why would he vote to remain? ‘I’m certainly hoping we get the chance to do something about this.

‘It took me two and a half years after the vote – a long, long time to realise that I bought a dud. I want my money back.'

I go on social media, I follow brexiteers and remainers and I try to argue the brexit case and people would be saying their side of the story and it got to the point where I was reading these conversations I was having with other people and I’m agreeing with everything they’re saying and looking at what I’ve written and thinking, “I don’t back that anymore. It’s rubbish.”

They say leavers know what they voted for but they don’t.

I want to say to all the people in this country who voted remain, I’m so sorry. I went the wrong way on this.

Nigel, Worcester

Why did he vote to leave? 'I wanted to apologise, really. For voting to leave, yeah. I voted leave. And then I went on a bit of a journey and now I'm very much in the remainer camp and signing petitions.'

I got a bit peak gammon. I was very patriotic and I thought it was the right thing to do for the country. I’d listened to Emmanuel Macron in the springtime and he’d come across as aggressive against our decision to leave and I don’t like the thought of being bullied and it felt like that.

Why would he vote to remain? 'When the Gibraltar vote came in I thought, “oh my god. They voted to remain.” I thought I was being all patriotic.'

And then the two main culprits rocked up on TV the following day with no plan looking like naughty school boys. I thought, “I’ve made one hell of a mistake.”

I still [found] it hard to listen to remainers on the radio. It was a nasty period. But I’d been listening to you and the experts dismissing myth after myth.

And they weren't the only ones. Leave Voters also took to to Twitter to raise their frustration with the Brexit process, many said they they had changed their minds completely since casting their vote in the EU Referendum.

Here's the full clip:


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