Brexit Party MEP mocked for complaining about getting a new iPad from the EU for 'no obvious reason'

Brexit Party MEP mocked for complaining about getting a new iPad from the EU for 'no obvious reason'

The Brexit Party MEPs have now arrived in Brussels and taken their seats at European Parliament and it's safe to say that they aren't impressed with the benefits that are on offer to them.

In a video released by the party's official Twitter account, various newly elected MEPs talk about how they are 'shocked about what they have found' at the building including a car park full of cars.

One of those MEPs, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, the sister of Jacob, retweeted the video saying that she intends to watch it on her 'shiny new iPad' which was given to her by the European Parliament for 'no very obvious reason' adding:

We need to leave the corrupt gravy train, as we would.

Rees-Mogg who despite being disgusted at the thought of being given an iPad for free has seemingly taken the item but has possibly misunderstood the reason she has been given this snazzy bit of kit.

The European Parliament began giving MEPs iPads in 2010 as part of their 'IT mobility project' in order to 'connect' all the MEPs while they are working together.

It sounds like an expensive way of doing such a thing but it is basically to get people to do their jobs in a more efficient manner (not for playing Candy Crush) and as Politico reported in January, all MEPs have to give back such items when they are no longer a part of the European Parliament.

Rees-Mogg's bizarre complaint was certainly unusual and as you can probably guess many people pointed out that the iPad is so that she can do her job, with Labour MP, Jess Phillips, telling her that this also happens in Westminster.

As some pointed out, she didn't actually need to take the iPad or even stand to be elected, including her fellow MEP Caroline Voaden.

Oh and then there is this from Sharon O'Dea, who was part of a team in the UK parliament that gave iPads to MPs and discovered that iPads reduced the amount of paper that was being used and increased efficiency.

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