Andy Serkis channelled Gollum to troll Theresa May’s Brexit plan and it’s precious

Andy Serkis channelled Gollum to troll Theresa May’s Brexit plan and it’s precious

Andy Serkis has taken his incredible acting skills and lent them to critiquing Theresa May’s Brexit deal and the growing opposition against her.

The new sketch, which he uploaded on Facebook, shows Serkis revive his infamous Lord of the Rings character, Gollum, in a parody that has people in stitches.

The two-minute video, titled ‘LEAKED: Footage from Inside No. 10 Downing Street!’ and captioned, 'We’s in a nasty mess my precioussss…and there’s only one way out….We wants it. We neeeeds it!,' shows Serkis in blonde hair, pearls and May’s typical blue power suit. However, his voice - and words - are all trademark Gollum.

Looking over a copy of the Brexit agreement deal, which he has called his ‘precious', Gollum’s split personality has May debating between leaving the EU and a potential People’s Vote.

"We take back control," he began, his voice the sinister rasp of Gollum, "Money, borders… blue passports!" May’s Gollum says.

"No, it hurts the people – makes them poorer," the prime minister's inner Smeagol replies.

The back and forth continues, and May/Smeagol tentatively suggest taking the deal to the people and having them vote for it – a People’s Vote.

May/Smeagol: "OK, we asks the people if they want it and then –"

May/Gollum: "No! Stupid, tricksy Remainers, they ruins it."

May/Smeagol: "But if the people want something else then –"

May/Gollum: "False! This is the only deal. Juicy and sweet. We wants it. We needs it. We will have it."

May/Smeagol: "But they told us, precious, they hates the deal. All of them hates it. They wants a People’s Vote."

MayGollum: "People’s Vote? Argh! They steal it from us. Curse them. We hates them."

There’s nothing quite like Andy Serkis dressed as Theresa May speaking with Gollum’s mouth to really ram home how complex Brexit appears to have become.

It. Was. Brilliant.

People thought so, too.

Theresa May is facing opposition on her Brexit deal. Michael Gove has confirmed that a vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal is going ahead on Tuesday, with speculation that leadership rivals are positioning themselves should the prime minister resign after a heavy defeat.

If the parliament rejects the deal, May will have to go back to the drawing board to scramble together a deal before the March deadline.

Serkis' parody video brings a dash of light-heartedness to a topic that's wading in darkness.

10/10 the creepiest thing you'll see all week.

(Andy Serkis screengrab )

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