BBC Brexit documentary reveals May's infamous 'Dancing Queen' moment was mercilessly mocked by MEPs

BBC Brexit documentary reveals May's infamous 'Dancing Queen' moment was mercilessly mocked by MEPs

It's fair to say that Theresa May's time as prime minister reached peak parody last year when she had a sudden urge to start dancing all the time.

This infectious need to show us her best moves started during a trip to South Africa and became truly unbearable when the Tories tried to make her dance to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' at the start of the party's conference in October.

You don't need us to tell you that this really wasn't a good look for May and showed as much flexibility and movement as a wooden spoon.

The British public was thoroughly embarrassed, and the EU were equally unimpressed.

A clip from the BBC's new documentary Brexit: Behind Closed Doorswhich gives viewers a look at how EU representatives during the negotiations, shows several members of Brexit coordination team scoffing at May's dance moves.

Guillaume McLaughlin and Edel Crosse, who are the heads of Guy Verhofstadt's office, didn't pull any punches, as May started her speech.

As the prime minister wheeled out her now infamous saying of "no dead is better than a bad deal", McLaughlin mutters "oh f**k off" whilst Crosse looked on perplexed.

The scene then cuts to Verhofstadt himself, who is discussing the 'Dancing Queen' moment with his colleagues. He quips.

When [Michel] Barnier enters, we should play 'The Winner Takes It All'

Instead of a written statement, something like that would be sexier.

Verhofstadt remains one of the most outspoken critics of Brexit in the EU, publicly calling out Brexiteers in recent months.

Just last week he tweeted his support of the Liberal Democrats whose pro-EU approach won over voters in the local elections whilst also encouraging EU citizens in the UK to register to vote in the upcoming EU elections.

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