Oh, Theresa. You've only gone and done it again. First, there were the fields of wheat, next there was the extreme coughing, and now, there's the dancing.

The prime minister is on a three day trip to Africa, in a bid to boost post-Brexit trade ties, where she will visit South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

She started her trip on Monday in Cape Town, South Africa, where she visited the ID Mkize Senior Secondary School.

When she arrived, the children welcomed her with a beautiful dance. Needless to say, Mrs May soon got involved and threw a couple of shapes on the dance floor.

However, when the light hearted moment was captured on camera by the South African government and posted to Twitter, it didn't go down quite as she'd maybe planned in the Twittersphere.

Many were quick to point out that she was living up to her moniker 'The Maybot'.

Doing the Robot, anyone?

Dalek alert.

Get this woman on Strictly!

Others went for the proverbial face palm.

Some felt an affiliation with the PM.

Nope. Just nope.

Others weren't as kind...

The general consensus seemed to be - CRINGE!

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