Brexit: Guy Verhofstadt mocks Nigel Farage at European Parliament, comparing him to Blackadder character

After another day of complete and utter chaos in the Commons, Nigel Farage once again decided to bestow his wisdom upon us.

Prior to MPs voting to reject eight different amendments to the Brexit process, Farage addressed the European Parliament, which is after all is his job, not as you thought - leading disappointing marches.

Speaking in Strasbourg, Farage announced that he would be offering Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker some 'constructive comments' on Brexit.

What this consisted of was Farage, calling Tusk deluded and claiming that a second referendum would result in an even bigger vote for leave.

He was oddly complimentary of Juncker's no-deal preparation plans, which was a strange sight to behold.

While he might have believed that he had finally achieved something in the EU and gotten one over on the bureaucrats, he would have really regretted telling Twitter about his 'constructive comments' in advance as he found himself on the other end of another classic roasting.

Many referenced the claims that Farage always leaves the meetings shortly after his speech is filmed, giving him a nice little clip to share on his Twitter page.

However, none of the comebacks were as on point or as savage as this takedown from the EU's Brexit coordinator who compared him to Field Marshal Haig from Blackadder.

This proved to be a very popular assessment of not just Farage but the whole Brexit process in general.

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