Theresa May just danced onto the stage at the Conservative Party conference to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' - yes, really.

The embattled prime minister danced onto the stage in reference to her performance earlier in the year when she was pictured dancing at a South African secondary school during a state visit to the continent to drum up post-Brexit trade ties.

Now, she's at it again - and the Maybot ain't lost it.

People were quick to notice, and more often than not cringe, on Twitter.

Despite not going down well with the Twitterati, we can't help but think the cringing moment was actually an improvement on last year's Conservative Party conference, which saw May lose her voice, drink water and dribble it all over herself, get a cough drop from the chancellor of the exchequer, and lose the 'F' from a sign reading 'Building a country that works for everyone' behind her.

To top it off, a prankster even managed to break into the conference and hand her a P45.


Ah well, at least someone thought the whole 'dancing queen' stunt was funny.

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