Most firms have said Brexit hasn't boosted business and people are fuming

Most firms have said Brexit hasn't boosted business and people are fuming
BBC Question Time audience member eviscerates Brexit to Jacob Rees-Mogg

This week, new figures released have revealed three-quarters of UK businesses say Brexit has not boosted business.

A survey completed by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) found that over 75 per cent of firms believe that the government’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU has not helped them expand their businesses since it was enacted two years ago.

The Conservative government repeatedly described its deal with the EU as “oven-ready”, but new figures show that the Brexit project, which many criticised from the very beginning, has been a huge failure for British business.

The BCC survey has led the group to present the government with five urgent recommendations in order to enhance the agreement and help UK businesses export to the EU with greater ease.

56 per cent of those surveyed who trade with the EU said they had experienced problems in complying with the new rules for exporting goods in the agreement. Another 45 per cent had experienced issues exporting services.

Up to 77 per cent said that, overall, the deal had not helped their firms grow, expand or increase sales at all.

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It’s fair to say the news has not come as a surprise to many who could foresee the disaster the country was walking into.

On Twitter, one person wrote: “The evidence of the fatuity and economic devastation of the #Brexit debacle continues to mount up remorselessly.

“At what point will the reality break through the ideological blindness of this government? It's just like climate denial!”

Another said: “I'm sure Rees-Smugg will be along any minute to tell them how wrong they all are.”

Someone else wrote: “The ‘oven ready deal’ turns out to be a burnt turkey.”

“UK Government spend more time denying problems exist or blaming others instead of just fixing them. Our Government have been AWOL for years now,” another Twitter user remarked.

It also comes as the Centre for European Reform (CER) think tank claimed Brexit has shaved 5.5 per cent off UK GDP and cost the country £40bn in tax revenues.

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