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According to Priti Patel, the home secretary, the Australian government is advising British ministers on Boris Johnson’s plans to introduce a points-based system for migrants in the wake of Brexit – but a trade expert argues that it isn’t that easy.

Priti Patel told The Telegraph that the Department of Home Affairs in Canberra was “engaging” with the Home Office over plans for a new scheme intended to restore public faith in immigration control.

She said

Peter Dutton is leading a department in Australia that’s only been around for two years but they are engaging with us on the points style.

Taking to Twitter, Brexit activist Darren Grimes tweeted about the Australian points system, calling it “fantastic”.

He wrote:

Last time I checked fantastic Australia seemed to be doing pretty bloody well for itself without being a part of the EU.

Our trade with the rest of the world is skyrocketing, whilst that with the EU declines, let’s reject this isolationism and ‘little European’ mentality!

He also linked to a BBC interview with former Australian PM Julia Gillard.

In response Dmitry Grozoubinski, a former Australian trade negotiator to the World Trade Organisation in Geneva, had the following to say:

Hi, Australian trade guy here.

Our country is 14,000km from Europe and overwhelmingly exports iron ore, coal and gold, mostly to Asia.

Unless ya'll have a secret desert full of minerals and a plan to tow yourselves to just under South East Asia, our model won't work for you.

Grozoubinski went on to explain:

Basically, this system wouldn't work for the UK as the country has nowhere near the number of natural resources to offer that Australia does.

This short thread has since gone viral and people are loving this educated slap down of Grimes.

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