Boris Johnson is rapidly losing the support of voters, and according to a recent poll, only one in five people believe he can secure a Brexit agreement before the 31 October deadline.

If there was a way of summing up this omnishambles this one lady’s reaction at being asked about the prime minister possibly embodies this statistic and the entire nation's sentiments.

Sky News reporters took to the streets of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Boris Johnson’s constituency to ask people what they thought of their new prime minister.

Needless to say, the woman wasn’t having it.

Upon hearing the name Boris Johnson, she frowned furiously before dropping the following:

Do not mention that name in front of me, that filthy piece of toe rag.

And then, she took one last look at the camera and stomped off.

The unnamed lady is a mood.

She has become an online sensation

#FilthyPieceOfToeRag is Sunday's hashtag

What a hero.

Here's one last look at her in GIF form.

An exclusive survey for The Independentfound 54 per cent were dissatisfied with the prime minister’s performance following a torrid few weeks marred by a string of Commons defeats and the Supreme Court’s ruling that his decision to prorogue parliament was unlawful.

The poll by BMG Research revealed a surge in dissatisfaction with Mr Johnson since September (45 per cent) and August (41 per cent), shortly after he took office.

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