If you voted for the UK to remain in the European Union, you’re more likely to be worried about the lockdown easing than leave voters.

According to a new survey commissioned by LBC and run by Deltapoll, Remainers are more worried about kids going back to school, getting a haircut, going for a meal, going to the pub and taking a holiday when the lockdown is due to ease on Saturday.

For example, 69 per cent of Remainers are worried about going to a restaurant, compared with 64 per cent of Brexiters. Similarly, 72 per cent of Remainers are concerned about going on holiday, compared with 64 per cent of Brexiteers.

A spokesperson for Deltapoll surmised:

Lockdown might be easing but the public remain uneasy. Forget about Bournemouth beaches, the true picture is one of British families worried about taking a holiday, going for a meal or even for a pint.

You can hardly blame them – there remain high levels of concern about how the government has responded to the pandemic, most notably about PPE, care homes and the test and traced fiasco. Immediately accepting new guidance on what can now be done will inevitably be treated with some caution.

The survey also asked people which leaders have performed the best throughout the crisis.

Surprisingly, chancellor Rishi Sunak beat out Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer as a better choice for Remainers.

The poll surveyed 1597 adults on 24-25 June.

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