Brexiteer tries to use a Twitter poll to question official polling data on lockdown
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A former Brexit Party MEP used his own social media poll to question the credibility of polling company YouGov and has been accused of trying to drum up support to end lockdown.

Martin Daubney tweeted that around 80 per cent of respondents to his survey on the platform would vote to end the current Covid-19 restrictions in a referendum.

He said this was “almost the direct opposite of the government/@YouGov polls” and asked “what's the truth?”

Daubney then added he was “not saying Twitter polls are real world” but that he wanted to question YouGov’s polling methodology.

According to a snap poll by Savanta ComRes, 79 per cent of English adults supported the new national lockdown on 5 January, and 62 per cent believed the government reacted too slowly in implementing stricter restrictions to control the spread of coronavirus.

Previous polling conducted by YouGov after Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s pre-Christmas press briefing also found some 74 per cent were in favour of tier 4 being introduced for parts of England and 67 per cent supported the rule changes for the holiday. 

Other users on the social media platform replied to the former editor of Loaded magazine to refute his suggestion.

Johnson announced a new national lockdown on 4 January, which will remain in place until at least the middle of February.

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