Britain First just admitted they are near 'humiliation' and asked members for £20

Britain First just admitted they are near 'humiliation' and asked members for £20

Britain First was forced into sending an 'emergency message' email to its members in the early hours of Thursday morning.

It was full of italics and words in bold to emphasise that the far-right group is on the brink of a crisis.

Leader Paul Golding, with sadness in his eyes.

In a nutshell, the far-right group's leader Paul Golding has reached out to supporters to tell them his London mayoral election campaign is - in his own words - "dangerously close to being a humiliation":

What they're most worried about, of course, is Labour candidate Sadiq Khan winning next month's election.

And because this is Britain First we're talking about, there's a hefty slice of racism aimed at Khan chucked in for good measure:

Judging by the opinion polls and news reports, this Mohammad worshipper, who addresses London voters in Arabic, is on course to become the mayor of our capital city.

What an insult, what a stab in the back, to our war heroes and everything they fought and died for. Churchill, the man who compared Islam in a man to rabies in a dog, will be turning in his grave. This is a betrayal of our ancestors and our immortal war dead.

(Khan doesn't speak Arabic and we're not sure how you get from being Muslim to stabbing war heroes in the back. Especially when you consider 400,000 Muslims soldiers fought for Britain in WWI. But hey, we didn't say it made sense. We just said it was racist.)

Britain First have already spent £25,000 on the doomed campaign, but rather than cut their losses, the group is begging entreating supporters to spare £20 in a last ditch fund-raising attempt to "fight back":

But with only three weeks to go and one per cent of the vote in YouGov's last poll, we're afraid we have to repeat Golding's own words:

This is the 'eleventh hour' and there is no 'Plan B'.

What a crying shame...

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