Britain First just used a picture of Czechslovakian WWII pilots to tell people to leave the EU

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Wednesday 15 June 2016 11:00

There are eight days to go until the EU referendum.

And while the polls are increasingly looking favourable for the baby boomer generation, Britain First are at least providing some comic relief.

The far-right group has been spamming followers on Facebook with pre-scheduled 'Don't forget to send your postal vote' posts for a few weeks now.

These posts have been usually accompanied by pictures of WWI and II veterans, who we're pretty sure were not asked whether they'd like to be the face of the Britain First campaign.

However. One post from Monday attracted a fair bit of attention after a member of the EDL defence league (a group that keeps tabs on far right misinformation) noted that it used a picture of ~Czechslovak~ pilots who fought in the RAF to make a point about why the UK should leave the European Union.

And they're totally right: the picture is of the No. 310 Squadron RAF, formed in Duxford in 1940, and piloted by officers who escaped Czechoslovakia after the German occupation.

They went on to fight in the Battle of Britain as part of the Duxford 'Big Wing', claiming 37 victories, according to the Imperial War Museum, as well as hits on the Dutch and Belgian coasts.

Britain First is right: these heroes did fight for a free Britain.

But they're probably not the best example to use if you're a party whose raison d'etre is the perils of immigration.

As a post script: a sergeant in the No. 310 Squadron was one Bohumir Furst, or Sgt. B Furst. We wonder what parody account Britain Furst would make of that.

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