Britain First release video of pathetic protest, look even more pathetic

Britain First release video of pathetic protest, look even more pathetic

Britain First went to even greater lengths this week to cement its place as Britain's most inept far-right hate group.

Deputy leader Jayda Fransen, who along with leader Paul Golding has been banned from Luton, held a protest outside an east London mosque - in the rain.

After being ridiculed online for the low turnout (reportedly fewer than 10 "patriots", although we can only spot three) - which was captured on video by someone from the mosque - the group released its own footage on Facebook in the days after, presumably to try and make themselves look better.

Unfortunately for them, however, the video only serves to show what a laughable bunch of hate-filled bigots they are.

Standing behind a piece of plastic sheeting with Britain First branding, Fransen, who is seen holding a wooden white cross, confronts several people quietly going about their business and heading in to the mosque to pray.

EAST LONDON MOSQUE: Muslim spits in Jayda Fransen's face! Poli...

EAST LONDON MOSQUEMuslim spits in Jayda Fransen's face! Policeman mocks Christianity! Britain First flash demo outside mega mosque....

Posted by Britain First on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

"You don't acknowledge... you don't acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the saviour," she yells.

Jesus Christ died to save every single one of you, and do you know what you do - you belittle him and call him a prophet.

You worship a false prophet who claims to have some sort of connection with Allah.

Understandably, as she tries her hardest to provoke people by insulting their religion outside a place of worship, several people become upset.

A spokesman for the mosque, Salman Farsi, told the Evening Standard: "It was a bit worrying for us because we had a school group on a tour inside the mosque.

"There was a moment when they were provoking passers-by and someone confronted them and spat in their direction, so mosque staff stepped in to move them along."

As the Huffington Post points out, despite all their religious preaching, Britain First was condemned by every major Christian group in the UK in January - describing them as "extremist", "self-serving" and "blasphemous".

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