We Brits do love a good cup of tea, but could you say you know exactly where your favourite brand of black tea leaves comes from?

Statista gathered data from the International Trade Centre's TradeMap detailing which countries the UK imports most of its delicious tea leaves out of. For those of you who thought Yorkshire Tea was grown in Yorkshire, buckle up as the data might surprise you.

As you can see from the map, we might all want to give a collective big thanks to Kenya for providing the hot cuppa you're no doubt currently sipping on.

With a whopping 62,000 tonnes of black tea leaves imported from the African country last year, it's fair to say our British ways would've come to a grinding halt without them.

The UK has important a substantial 17,000 tonnes imported from India and in close third Malawi was another vital contributor to our British tea-drinking habits, importing over 11,000 tonnes into the UK.


The compiled data shows just how reliant the UK is on international trade, even for tea which is something most people around the world attribute to being a stereotypically British thing.

We don't know what sort of tea-less nightmare Brexit could end up looking like over here in the UK, but we have a feeling that Kenya is going to be the UK's guardian angel of tea exporting.


Anyone fancy sticking the kettle on? It's mighty cold out.

H/T: Statista

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