British public mostly confused about everything, survey shows

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Theresa May's pitch to a divided United Kingdom appears to take elements of Labour and Ukip and blend them together.

As has been noted by politicians from both parties...

Which, if this survey is accurate, may be politically smart.

A recent survey by Ipsos MORI found that the British public has a rather conflicted view of how Britain should position itself in the international community following Brexit.

It found that 77 per cent of respondents want the UK to still work closely with the EU but 54 per cent think we spend too much time trying to work with other countries...

In addition, 53 per cent of respondents think Britain should try to punch above its weight on the international stage, while 60 per cent think it’s better in modern times for countries to work together.

In essence, the country divided at Hadrian's Wall over the EU vote wants a United Kingdom that works closely with the EU, without being in the EU - thus embarking on a lengthy divorce process - without spending too much time trying to work with other countries, while working together with other countries in these modern times to punch above our weight in international matters.

Just so we're clear.

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