This American woman posted her recipe for 'British tea' on TikTok and people are horrified by it

This American woman posted her recipe for 'British tea' on TikTok and people are horrified by it
Screengrab: Twitter

If there’s one thing British people love more than queueing, talking about the weather, over-apologising, arguing about whether jam and cream goes on scones first, electing Etonian prime ministers and invading other nations, it’s tea.

Like, seriously, Brits are obsessed with it: drinking it, telling people how we drink it and debating the “correct” way to make it. It’s truly where the discourse comes to die. I hate it here.

Anyway, this topic has reared its head once again after a video of an American woman making what she called “hot tea” went viral because she was making it wrong.

The TikToker and her daughter half-filled a mug with tap water and put it in the microwave for one minute. Which to many British people seemed very strange but is a common way to heat up water in America because they don’t tend to have kettles.

After taking it out of the microwave, the daughter then poured the milk directly into the hot water before adding the tea bag last.

After this creates a strange grey liquid, which is scary enough to British people who are very particular about the precise shade of brown they like their tea, she adds sugar by pouring it in (not using a spoon) and honestly? It looks like about five teaspoonfuls.

Obviously, British Twitter has reacted with shock and awe to this clip.

They’re horrified, disgusted, furious and positively incandescent with rage over it.

They simply can’t get enough of criticising it. Over and over again.

Here are some of the most shocked reactions to the technique.

We suppose “tea” will have to be added to the list of things Americans can’t quite master along with chocolate, irony and sarcasm.

But we have to say: you do you, strange American tea lady.

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