A budgie has been arrested in the Netherlands. Yes, really

Louis Staples
Monday 30 September 2019 14:00
Image:(Instagram / @politieutrechtcentrum)

In news that could only seem fathomable in 2019, a budgie has been 'arrested' by police in Holland.

According to a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post by Dutch police force Police Utrecht Centrum, a budgie was detained by police.

Translated into English (by Google translate, of course) the post reads:

We recently arrested a suspect for a shoplifting. During the arrest we found a sneaky witness with feathers and beak on the suspect's shoulder.

During the confinement on our desk we were shocked to find out that we are not in possession of a bird cell or cage....

After proper consultation with the suspect we have enclosed them together samen ... * and of course well cared for!

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indy100 reached out to the police force for comment, and they gave us this incredible response:

Even more hilariously, when local news outlets reported this story, the budgie’s face was blurred out, presumably to protect its anonymity.

People on Twitter couldn’t get enough of the “jailbird”.