Two ‘racist’ women in Burger King tell Puerto Rican manager to ‘go back to Mexico’

Two ‘racist’ women in Burger King tell Puerto Rican manager to ‘go back to Mexico’

Another video showing racism in America, this time in a Burger King has made its way online after two elderly women criticised a manager for speaking Spanish with his staff.

The clip, which was taken by a customer called Neyzha Borrero and uploaded on Facebook on 6 July, shows Ricardo Castillo, a Puerto Rican manager of a Burger King chain, repeatedly call out two women for their “prejudiced” comments, eventually asking them to leave the premises after they told him to “go back to Mexico.”

The incident occurred in Eustis, Florida.

Borrero had been having a meal with her boyfriend Oni Martinez, when they overheard the confrontation with the two women and the manager, and she took out her phone and recorded it.

The recording starts in the middle of the encounter, with one of the women saying: “When you’re in America, you should speak…English.”

“No ma’am, I don’t,” Castillo tells her.

The woman goes on to say:

Yeah, yeah. Go back to Mexico if you want to keep speaking Spanish, go back to your Mexican country, your state, your country.

The manager and the two women continue back and forth, with Castillo growing agitated by the two women’s “prejudice.”

Castillo went on to correct the : "Guess what ma'am, I'm not Mexican, I'm not Mexican but you're being very prejudice and I want you out of my restaurant, right now."

The other woman told him she’d leave when she’s done eating her food, prompting him to say he will “call the cops.”

The confrontation eventually ended after the women left, with Castillo instructing them to take their business elsewhere in the future.

"Bye ma'am, have a great day. Don't come back," Castillo says as they leave.

Borrero walked over to Castillo and expressed her shock, telling him she will send him the recording of the incident.

Speaking to the Palm Beach Post, Borrero praised Castillo for “handling it very well.”

"I was very surprised [at] his reaction," Borrero said. "I think even though he was being verbally attacked and discriminated, he handled [it] very, very well.

He never used profanity to them. He never insulted them, he just asked them to leave and never come back to his restaurant.


Puerto Rico is a US territory. On 2 March 1917, the Jones-Shafroth Act was signed, collectively making Puerto Ricans United States citizens.

Puerto Ricans are US citizens and have all the rights of such citizenship including, if they live in America, of voting in the US elections.

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