Can we guess your age based on your choice of underwear?

Picture: Timothy A Clary/Getty
Picture: Timothy A Clary/Getty

Apparently, your underwear choice is a good indicator of your age.

Gary Lineker presented BBC's Match of the Day last night in his bright, white underwear, but is his underwear choice typical for his age?

Look no further. A YouGov poll surveyed men and women about their underwear choices: 52 per cent of women wear briefs, and the majority of men - 38 per cent to be exact – prefer loose, airy boxers, just like Lineker.

But then the poll took a look at ages, and the results got interesting.

If you are a man, take the first quiz below, and if you’re a woman, go for the second.

Let’s see if we can guess your age:

For men

For women

How did we do? Let us know in the comments section, below.

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