This woman thought she had acne but it turned out to be cancer


28-year-old Marisha Dotson found out a pimple on her nose was a severe form of skin cancer.

Luckily Dotson was able to catch it before it became serious.

When she was 25, Dotson, who harks from Knoxville Tennesee, noticed a small red spot on her nose.

She'd just recovered from pneumonia, shingles, and repeated colds, and so assumed the spot was her skin suffering from exhaustion.

In addition to being unwell, Dotson was paying her way through education.

She told Caters:

It looked like a regular pimple, but after it continued to grow I knew it wasn't a spot.

Dotson got advice from a dermatologist, and discovered the pimple was actually a manifestation of 'squamous cell carcinoma'.

She underwent 15 hours of surgery to have it removed. She told Caters:

Despite having 300 shots of anaesthetic to my face it still hurt as they continued to cut and burn each layer, so close to my nerves and sinuses.

After this ordeal, more cancerous spots appeared on her face, and each had to be removed.

The facial reconstruction required her to speak and eat with a temporary mouthpiece.

Dotson now has a Go Fund Me page in order to afford a permanent mouthpiece.

In 2015 she created this video showing a year of her facial cancer:

In September 2017 she was given the all clear and is cancer free - which is some good news. She told Caters:

I still feel sad sometimes but I always remind myself of what I've overcome, I had the choice from surgeons to keep fighting or give up and die, but I chose to fight.

According to Cosmopolitan, she is now training to be an counsellor.

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