Fury as 'worst transport secretary ever' Chris Grayling accepts £100k part-time job as ports adviser

Fury as 'worst transport secretary ever' Chris Grayling accepts £100k part-time job as ports adviser

Former transport secretary Chris Grayling has sparked anger by reportedly accepting a £100,000 a year advisory role at Hutchison Ports.

The Tory MP will reportedly collect his six figure salary for just seven hours of work a week for the private port network.

His appointment was approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments in spite of the "perceived risk" that it may give the firm an unfair advantage. Grayling has reportedly promised the watchdog that he won't advise Hutchison Ports on "commercial maritime activities" or "risks and opportunities associated with Brexit", and will rather stick to environmental strategy and engagement with local businesses.

But in spite of this, some people have characterised the appointment as being unfair.

MPs accepting second jobs is a controversial topic.

    And Grayling's appointment is particularly controversial because of his disastrous run as transport secretary.

    Under Theresa May, Grayling spent tens of millions of pounds on ferries chartered to bring supplies to the UK in the instance of a no deal Brexit that were never used. He was accused by MPs of wasting £85m of taxpayers's money on the "rushed and risky" scheme.

    Grayling also faced calls for his resignation when it was revealed that one of the companies, to whom he awarded a £13.8m contract, didn't actually own any ferries. Seaborne Freight was contracted to make Channel crossings between Ostend in Belgium and Ramsgate in Kent.

    Grayling refused to apologise for the gaffe and earned the nickname 'No Ships Grayling' in the process.

    He has also been dubbed the "worst transport secretary of all time".

    The irony of Grayling's appointment has clearly not been lost.

    indy100 has contacted Chris Grayling for comment.

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