White man calls police on black man waiting for his friend in apartment lobby

White man calls police on black man waiting for his friend in apartment lobby

Yes, it's happened again. A white man has called the police on a black person who was simply waiting for his friend calmly in a California apartment building lobby, and the video has gone viral.

The video was filmed by Wesley Michel, a black software engineer, and shows a man who has since been identified as Christopher Cukor calling the police and accusing Michel of trespassing at his San Francisco building on July 4, reports the New York Post.

After the altercation, Michel shared the clip to Facebook, where it quickly went viral, with over 31,000 shares and 1.2 million views. In the post, he wrote:

So this is July 4th 2019

At the start of the video, Cukor can be heard saying:

Can you please call your friend on the call box and have them come downstairs?

In response, Michel said:

They don’t need to do that, you can just walk away.

This then prompts Michel's young son, who was standing next to his dad, to start begging, while crying, saying:

Daddy, don’t, don’t.

According to the video, Michel then warns Cukor that he will be:

...the next person on TV

He then advises Cukor to:

Listen to your son.

His son can then be heard crying and saying:

Daddy, go. It’s the better, I agree with him, Daddy. It’s the better. I don’t like this. Let’s go.

When Michel's friend arrives, asking what's going on, Cukor removes himself from the door and tells the police operator that Michel was, in fact, waiting for his friend.

Cukor has since deleted his social media accounts, but according to his LinkedIn, he's an executive for YouTube, reports

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