Anti-vaxxer says people can drink their own pee to protect against coronavirus

Anti-vaxxer says people can drink their own pee to protect against coronavirus

Anti-vaxxer Christopher Key has added to the list of bizarre suggestions for people to attempt to combat coronavirus - and now says that drinking urine could be protective.

Key is the leader of the “Vaccine Police,” which is an organisation that rails against the Covid-19 vaccine.

In a video published over the weekend to his Telegram account, Key spoke on his urine therapy findings.

“This [urine therapy] has been around for centuries. We’ve got research after research, documented, peer-reviewed published papers on urine! We do, we have this,” Key said in the video, which was published after his release from jail from a trespassing charge.

According to The Daily Beast, Key received a third-degree criminal trespassing charge after getting arrested at Whole Foods in April.

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Key went on to say in the video that the Covid vaccine is one of “the worst bioweapon” he’s ever seen.

He also admitted that he is not a medical doctor and isn’t necessarily advising anyone to drink their urine, but he drinks his.

“I’ve been drinking my own urine for the past 23 years, and I’m, still alive,” he continued.

When The Daily Beast reached out to Key for comment, the outlet said he reiterated his sentiments about the “urine therapy” and went against people he deemed “foolish” who took the vaccine. The vaccine has been proven to be effective and safe for people.

In an August report from Insider, Key reportedly visited a Missouri Walmart and told store pharmacists that they would be “executed” if they kept administering vaccines.

And this month, as reported by The Independent, he went on a “road trip” across the US to try and arrest Louisiana Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, presumably over his enforcement of vaccines.

Indy100 reached out to Key for comment.

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