City council candidate wants to make Michigan as white 'as possible'

City council candidate wants to make Michigan as white 'as possible'

A city council candidate in Michigan shocked attendants at a public forum with the admission that she wants to keep the community white “as much as possible”.

Jean Cramer was asked if Marysville should do more to attract residents from abroad and her response was staggering.

Keep Marysville a white community as much as possible. White. Seriously. In other words, no foreign-born, no foreign people.

The Times Herald asked for clarification and apparently, predictably, according to Cramer even this was not evidence of racism.

Husband and wife need to be the same race. Same thing with kids. That’s how it’s been from the beginning of, how can I say, when God created the heaven and the earth. He created Adam and Eve at the same time. But as far as me being against blacks, no I’m not.

More than 90% of Marysville’s 9,700-person population is white. Mike Deising, another candidate at the forum, spoke for many:

Just checking the calendar here and making sure it’s still 2019.

Spot on. A tragedy that such remarks are becoming more acceptable by the day.

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