People are sharing a fake clip showing CNN anchor closing a Pornhub tab on air

Moya Lothian McLean
Friday 06 November 2020 12:45

The 2020 US election is so surreal that it seems like anything could happen.

With the incumbent president tweeting furious and false accusations of voter fraud and armed mobs singing ‘YMCA’, it’s little wonder people are quick to believe some strange things.

Which is perhaps why a clip purportedly showing CNN anchor John King angrily closing a Pornhub tab has been making the rounds.

Twitter user @puntclub shared the soundless footage, which seemingly shows John King closing a tab for the adult site while live on air, before looking angrily at the camera.

“We’ve all been there with the betting app up on the screen...or something else,” the clip was captioned.

Quickly other social media users picked up on it, finding the incident hilarious.

Someone said the election was just getting “better and better’.

Others were tickled by King’s apparent reaction.

Only one problem – the clip is very fake.

Content creator Lewis Wake quickly broke down exactly how it was photoshopped by slowing down the footage.

Wake deemed it a “lazy attempt”.

And some journalists demanded people stop tweeting it.

Unlikely that will happen.

Others were disparaging.

Basically: it’s not real. So please, don't share it.

Case closed.