CNN host Don Lemon rips into ‘loser’ Trump after his spokesperson tried to brag about how ‘masculine’ he is

Don Lemon on CNN Tonight
Don Lemon on CNN Tonight

CNN Tonight host Don Lemon has slammed President Trump’s reaction to the US Capitol riots, labelling him “the biggest snowflake of them all”.

The presenter’s comments followed Trump campaign spokesperson Hogan Gidley describing the president as “the most masculine person to ever hold the White House”, after FOX News asked him whether Trump felt “emasculated” following several social media bans.

President Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended by the company last week, while Mark Zuckerberg announced that Trump’s accounts on Facebook and Instagram had been banned “indefinitely”.

Meanwhile, YouTube revealed on Wednesday that Trump’s channel has been “temporarily prevented” from uploading new content for a week and has received its first strike.

A further two strikes would see the channel terminated by the platform.

Responding to Gidley’s description of Trump, Lemon said: “The president’s legacy will be not the most masculine president, but the biggest loser we’ve ever had as president.

“Maybe that should have been the name of his show instead of The Apprentice - ‘The Biggest Loser’.”

Viewers soon took to Twitter to praise Lemon’s “fearless” monologue on social media.

The full clip, which is almost 10 minutes in length, has had more than seven thousand views at the time of writing.

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