Teens are comparing Capitol riots to school shootings in devastating response to politicians

Since last week when Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building, teens are hoping it forces them to reflect on the government’s handling of school shootings.

After the members of Congress were forced to hide during a shooter lockdown, schoolchildren are reminding them that they experience the same thing multiple times a year for active shooting drills, if not the real thing. For many, they have come to the realisation that they’re more prepared for an active shooter than politicians. 

Some teens used the opportunity to offer helpful advice on what to do next time they encounter an active shooter. “If they do end up getting in your room, remember to run in a zig zag,” one TikTok user says. “It makes it harder for them to get you.”

And it wasn’t just teenagers, TikTok user proptologist urged news networks to question politicians on whether they’re going to rethink their position on gun control.

“My 1st grader walked by the TV and said, ‘They are doing it wrong. You have to cover your head.’” one mother also commented. “And then I wanted to leave America.”

Members of March For Our Lives, the student organisation campaigning for gun control legislation, also reflected on the similarities between the Parkland school shooting and other shootings like it.

In fact, people of all ages could find parallels with school shootings, and hoped that the attack on the Capitol could spur some change.

Perhaps the Capitol riots will inspire politicians to finally pass gun control legislation that will put an end to active shooters, so that no one has to experience that fear again.

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