Conservative councillor calls for homeless tents to be 'torn down' and people are outraged


Social media has brought us all closer with those we love, plus a fair few we don’t.

As the UK continues to endure political turmoil, some distance from politicians would certainly be appreciated. Though thanks to Twitter, which almost all politicians seem to be active on, this is increasingly difficult.

Politicians often fall foul of the social media jury when expressing their views on Twitter. Though thankfully there are always other users to keep them in check.

Conservative councillor Kathryn Kelloway found this out the hard way when she sent a tweet which has been described as “disgusting” and “offensive”.

In the tweet, Kelloway seemed to imply that homeless tents were damaging Cardiff’s reputation and called for their removal.

Given that rough sleeping has almost trebled since the Conservative government came to power in 2010 and that 2018 statistics revealed that almost a quarter of Welsh people are living in poverty, Twitter users were furious about the tweet.

After the posts went viral, Kelloway followed up with several more tweets clarifying her stance, which she says she stands by.

Though not everyone was convinced.

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