The Tories have had more prime ministers than the 200,000 starter homes they promised to build


David Cameron, Theresa May, and now Boris Johnson: The Conservative party has had three different prime ministers in the past nine years, which is three more than the 200,000 starter homes the government promised to build - of which they built none.

The Conservative party has not delivered on its promise of building 200,000 starter homes back in 2015.

Figures released by the National Audit Office (NAO) said that to date, no starter homes have been built, despite the fact that it was a manifesto promise.

In 2015 the Conservative party made a promise to under 40s struggling to get on the housing ladder by building affordable homes with a 20 per cent discount given to that demographic.

In November, former chancellor George Osbourne said £2.3billion would be made available to create 60,000 starter homes, but legislation which would deliver the scheme has still not been approved, and thus not a single home had been built.

The NAO said the government had failed to “focus on delivery” and Meg Hillier, who chairs to Public Accounts Committee said:

Despite setting aside over £2 billion to build 60,000 new starter homes, none were built.

Since 2010 many housing programmes announced with much fanfare have fallen away with money then recycled into the next announcement.

In light of the upcoming December 12 general election, the report hit people hard.

Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, John McDonnell, says "you can't trust a word they say"

And Labour MP for Tottenham David Lammy condemned the Tory government as well

“The funding originally intended for starter homes has instead been spent on acquiring and preparing brownfield sites for housing more generally, some of which is affordable housing,” the report said.

It is possible that developers have built and sold homes that conform to the intended starter home specifications . . . However, legally these cannot be marketed as starter homes until the necessary secondary legislation is enacted.

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