Footballers have been airing their thoughts on politics in recent days and Ireland international Harry Arter has deactivated his Twitter account after appearing to confuse Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn.

It all began with the Labour leader pointing out that, “There are 150 billionaires in the UK while 14 million people live in poverty” before concluding:

In a fair society there would be no billionaires and no one would live in poverty.

The Bournemouth man currently on loan to Fulham took exception to this in a tweet that requires an enormous sic warning:

Billionaires create thousands of jobs for the public through there numerous of company’s.

In a dispute with a Twitter user, the midfielder tweeted:

The same Corbyn that openly admitted he lied through the whole campaign the day after Brexit about what he was planning to invest in the NHS

People were eager to point out that the footballer had confused the leader of the opposition with the prime minister at which point Arter decided the best bet was to simply delete his account.

Elsewhere in the land of football, Lyle Taylor, who currently plays for Charlton, also weighed into the political debate to complain about Labour's proposed tax policy, which was a stark contrast to the words of former Celtic man Tony Watt.

HT Irish Mirror

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