People are posting brutal impressions of Boris Johnson waffling his way through the pandemic
Twitter/ Matt Lucas/ The Remix Show/ Mark Steel

On Sunday, Boris Johnson delivered a widely ridiculed speech which was supposed to explain how we're going to exit lockdown and what the new rules are likely to be.

However, in practice it just seemed to confuse people even more, and the Tories have spent the rest of the week wheeling out everyone from Matt Hancock to Edwina Currie in an attempt to explain the inexplicable.

The rules seem to all contradict each other, and the prime minister's answer to every question about the specifics seem to be to "use common sense", which isn't really very helpful at all.

Of course, peolpe were very very quick to parody the absurd speech. Here are some of our favourites.

Here’s comedian and writer Mark Steel, upping the ante on the Latin, to give a little extra claritus, to the speech.

Maybe a bit of background grime could help.

And if you’re feeling the grime remix, here’s an unintentional impression from Stormzy.

One for the “pussy clart” from The Refix Show.

Surely the most comprehensive version is this one, maybe we're getting there?

And of course, the OG of “The Boris”, Matt Lucas.

Leaving us all asking, well, is that it?

Here’s a breakdown of what you now can and can’t do from Wednesday, just in case you didn’t quite catch it.

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