Two officials in China have been fired after a teen with cerebral palsy died when his dad was quarantined for suspected coronavirus.

The BBC reports that sixteen year-old Yan Cheng was found dead a week after his sole carer was placed in quarantine.

It has been reported that the boy was only fed twice during the time that he was under the care of the authorities.

Both the local Communist Party secretary and mayor in Huajiahe town have been removed from their posts.

Yan Cheng's family lived in China's central Hubei province, right in the centre of the virus outbreak. The story has caused outrage following local media reports that the father had appealed for help and information regarding his son's welfare. He was very worried that his son would not be able to access water and food.

Cerebral palsy is a motor disability that can affect movement, posture, muscle tone and speech. Some people only have minor problems, while in extreme cases people may be severely disabled and require round-the-clock care. Yan is reported to have been mostly immobile and had difficulty speaking.

Officials have announced that an investigation will be carried out into the boy's death.


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