Italian man says there was less panic about World War 2 than about coronavirus


As concern about coronavirus continues to skyrocket, as more and more cases and deaths are confirmed, it is possible that hysteria is starting to overshadow common sense.

We've all seen footage of supermarkets in the UK running out of toilet paper and other essentials because people have been panic buying in the worry that they might have to stockpile and self-isolate.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the entire country has been put on to lock down as the death toll for the outbreak surpassed 600. Much like the UK, Italy has also seen mass panic buying as areas have been virtually reduced to ghost towns.

Food and water are also in shortage and a man's annoyance at the lack of pasta on shop shelves has gone viral. In a clip from Euronews, the older gentleman claims that there was less worry when the Second World War broke out.

This man's reaction to the coronavirus and lack of pasta has become an almost reassuring meme, encouraging people to calm down and get some perspective.

Italy has over 10,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus since there was a confirmed case in Rome at the end of January.

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