This man's 'coronavirus prevention' product (which he sells for £3) is very, very, very strange

Geri Halliwell’s famous “Union Jack dress” from the 1997 Brit Awards is one of the most iconic examples of patriotic fashion. In the height of Britpop, it felt like a real “cultural moment”. Its popularity said a lot about how British people were approaching and celebrating their identities.

But move over, flag dress, because the *Union Jack Thong* is coming for your crown – and, according to one man it could (it won’t) save your life too.

In a video shared by Hugh Grant on Twitter, the shop worker from Bath has suggested that – wait for it – a Union Jack thong might be a good alternative to anti-coronavirus face masks.

He said:

We at Bath Guildhall Market are very conscious that there’s a world shortage of masks due to the coronavirus. We have an answer in our souvenir shop here.

To our horror, he begins to place the thong on his face to demonstrate how it works.

It’s very patriotic, as you’ll see. It fits over your face, over your mouth, over your nose.

They’re £3.99 for a set of three.

He's the final boss of Brexit Britain.

To be clear: if this really needs pointing out, it seems impossible that this video can be serious. It’s almost certainly an elaborate prank. Honestly? We really admire the effort that’s gone into it – and the commitment to gaining publicity and shifting that stock. Respecting a deadly pandemic? In this economy? Small businesses gotta hustle, after all!

Also, masks don’t necessarily stop the spread of viruses. An investigation by The Independent’s Sophie Gallagher revealed that there is “very little evidence of a widespread benefit” in members of the public wearing masks of any kind, let alone thongs. Sorry bout it.

For all the latest information about coronavirus prevention, it’s definitely best to follow NHS guidelines (or health authority wherever you live), rather than silly videos on Twitter.

But we’re still going to add these thongs to our basket and proceed directly to checkout, just in case.

"Alexa, play 'The Thong Song' on Spotify"

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