Americans say their dead relatives are receiving Trump's $1,200 stimulus cheques

In a turn of events that would only seem normal in the dystopian nightmare that is the year 2020, some Americans are saying that their deceased relatives are receiving $1,200 stimulus cheques from Trump's most recent coronavirus relief package.

Jeanne Siracuse told NBC News that a $1,200 cheque had been deposited into the bank account of her mother, who died last August.

She said:

Obviously, she does not need stimulus right now.

It's not something she would have wanted to happen. She was very conservative and would not want to see that kind of waste.

Peter Moreau also told the outlet that his mother received a payment even though the family had informed social security about her death in January.

These stories come as Americans collect payments from the $2.2 trillion relief package that Trump signed into law this month. A Trump administration official told NBC News that the government is looking into the possibility that some payments are being sent to deceased people.

But Trump has dismissed concerns over the cheques, saying: "we'll get that back"... which seems... unlikely.

... Unless he's now able to talk to dead people.

H/T: The Hill

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