A critical care nurse has posted a tearful video from the car park of a supermarket, explaining that due to people raiding supermarkets and stockpiling, there was no fruit or vegetables available her to buy after a 48-hour shift.

She filmed the video in her car and sent it to BBC Breakfast, who published it.

In it, she says, through tears:

I don't know how I'm supposed to stay healthy. People are just stripping the shelves of basic foods. You just need to stop it. There's people like me who are going to be looking after you when you're at your lowest. Just stop it. Please.

Earlier this week a group of the UK's biggest supermarkets came together to ask people to stop panic-buying, after repeated reports of the most basic essentials being sold out and people in frenzied shopping sprees stockpiling everything from toilet paper to baked beans.

As many have pointed out, stockpiling in this way is irresponsible, as it leaves those who are in genuine need without.

That doesn't just mean nurses and doctors who are unable to spend hours throughout the day going from shop to shop to find dinner ingredients, but also elderly or low-income people who have limited choices in what they are able to buy at the best of times.

On Twitter, people were hugely sympathetic towards the nurse.

And offered suggestions for ways the situation could be improved.

Currently people are being advised to limit social contact and travel to a minimum, with no clear guidance on how long the situation may last.

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