Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 the overwhelming message has been to avoid touching other people with unclean hands, especially handshakes.

However, Donald Trump virtually prides himself on the strength and masculinity of his handshake and how long they can sometimes last.

Unsurprisingly, at his press conference where he announced that a national emergency for the coronavirus, he was dishing out handshakes to anyone who would take them.

Not a care in the world. According to a BuzzFeed report, Trump shook seven hands in total at the conference. We just hope there was plenty of hand sanitiser going around.

Not everyone was shaking hands though. Health executive Bruce Greenstein, from the LHC Group declined Trump's handshake and they instead exchanged an elbow bump, which the president seemed to think was very amusing but probably for the best.

Another person who thought this was hilarious was rapper Cardi B who shared a video on Instagram of Trump's elbow tap, where she couldn't contain her laughter.

Other handshake alternatives that have emerged include the footshake, a headnod, a wave and even jazz hands.

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