Mother breaks down in Asda as cost of living crisis stops her from buying '55p treat for kids'

Mother breaks down in Asda as cost of living crisis stops her from buying '55p treat for kids'
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A mother's harrowing experience lifted the lid on the cost of living crisis after she broke down in tears during her supermarket shop.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet to share her frustrations and heartbreak that she didn't have a spare 55p to spend on a "treat for her kids" while shopping in Asda.

She explained how three years ago, her family had been financially "comfortable", but is now forced to rely "on the free school meals half term vouchers."

The mother also revealed her struggle to make ends meet with a £30 budget for a two week grocery shop.

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In a heartfelt post, she penned: "Is it just me that the whole cost of living thing is getting too much for?

"I actually had a (very small and no one watching!) cry in Asda when I saw some reduced bakery goods because I didn’t know if I could afford them alongside my entire Smartprice shop.

"I had £30 for a 2-week shop including nappies, and it just broke me that I actually had to wonder if I could afford a 55p treat for my kids.

"I can’t believe we’re living like this, 3 years ago we were comfortable and now I’m relying on the free school meals half-term vouchers."

She explained that she wasn't seeking budget advice, she just wanted reassurance that she wasn't alone.

Many users headed to the post to offer their support and share frighteningly similar stories.

One said: "I know it is just so disheartening trying to count up the price of things when going around the shop and worrying if have enough to pay at the checkout. Just feel deflated from it all myself, to be honest."

Another said they cannot afford to top up their gas and electric until the end of the week, adding: It shouldn't be a luxury neither should a 55 pence dessert. Wtf is wrong with this government!!!"

A third added: "I ran out of money today. I haven't got the money to put petrol in my car. It's just so bloody depressing."

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