UK anti-vaxxers are boycotting Costa over its vaccination policy in an entirely different country

UK anti-vaxxers are boycotting Costa over its vaccination policy in an entirely different country

Costa Coffee is the latest business to face the wrath of anti-vaxxers, after a photo reportedly showing an Irish branch’s new “eat in requirements” surfaced online.

The notice, affixed to the front window of its Killarney store, details a list of rules for customers over the age of 18.

This includes “proof of immunity” in the form of the EU’s Digital Covid Certificate, a vaccination card from Ireland’s Health Service Executive (HSE), or proof “they have recovered from Covid-19”.

According to the sign, customers also have to provide photo ID to eat in, in the form of a driver’s licence, passport or public service card.

“Unvaccinated customers may sit outside and may use takeaway cups only,” it adds.

Not content with being able to sip their Golden Caramel Latte inside, those somehow opposed to the idea of vaccinating yourself against a deadly virus are calling on others to boycott the coffee chain.

Laurence Fox, leader of the Reclaim Party and former candidate for Mayor of London, tweeted: “Please write lots of tweets to Costa Coffee and let them know how you feel about their discriminative policy of not allowing those that haven’t taken their appointment at the jabattoir to share the privileges of those who have.”

Others have also taken to Twitter to vent their anger at the policy, with one describing it as part of a “fascist takeover of the world”:

The boycott supported by anti-vaxxers such as Fox – who has previously spoken out against so-called ‘cancel culture’ – has since been mocked online for essentially helping Costa enforce its policy:

Others have expressed concern about boycotting Costa entirely:

That’s Blue singer Anthony Costa, by the way.

Elsewhere, others pointed out that fewer anti-vaxxers in Costa will actually make for a more pleasant experience for them:

While Costa Coffee have yet to issue a public statement on the issue, they have since responded to Twitter users directly to clarify the situation, saying that they’re following rules set by the Irish government:

In guidance on “reopening hospitality” updated on Friday, the government said: “Indoor hospitality has reopened for people who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 in the past six months as well as children under 18 in their care.

“The EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC) or the HSE Vaccination Card will be the primary evidence used when going into a pub, restaurant, café or food court to access indoor hospitality.

“You may also be asked for photo ID to prove that the EU Digital COVID Certificate, HSE COVID-19 Vaccination Card or other proof of immunity is yours.”

In UK branches of Costa, however, no such rules apply.

Once again, anti-vaxxers are making a ‘mochary’ of themselves.

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