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The England cricket team made history by winning their first World Cup title and Jacob Rees-Mogg attempted to steal their thunder by making it about Brexit.

England won against New Zealand in a close match that came down to the number of boundaries.

The outspoken Tory MP and staunch Brexiteer took to Twitter to make a dig at Europe following England’s win. He wrote:

A d..n close run thing, we clearly don't need Europe to win... #CricketWorldCupFinal​

People aren’t sure what cricket has to do with Brexit, and others were annoyed that he’d attempted to sully the game by making reference to such a contentious topic.

Also, he’s wrong.

Betting organisation Paddy Power clapped back. “The Captain is Irish,” they pointed out on Twitter.

They have players from a few places around the world. And cricket and Brexit having nothing to do with each other.

Apart from that. You’re spot on.

It was rather a silly tweet...

JRM is wrong.

In fact, immigration has "enriched" the team.

People aren't here for Rees-Mogg's Brexit segway.


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