Cristiano Ronaldo shared a photograph from his 'family' holiday... but there was just one problem

Cristiano Ronaldo / Twitter

There are no two ways about it. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's best ever football players, and he's also one of the world's most accomplished posers, too.

The Portuguese football legend, 34, is currently holidaying with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez, his son Cristiano Jr, and his brother Hugo Aveiro in the French Riviera on his luxury private yacht, after having enjoyed a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea.

Along the way, he's also been sharing a few snaps of his adventures, including one of a helicopter ride, another with his son in the pool, and a third of, well, himself, his pecks and erm... that's it.

Taking to the social media platform, he shared the snap and wrote:

Holidays with my family in France Riviera Enjoy the views

Many people picked up on the fact that the photo was just so... Ronaldo.

Some said his family looked really nice in the picture.

Others wondered where the hell his family actually were?

Really lovely tribute, mate.

Honestly, they're having lots and lots of fun!

You look quite... lonely, considering you're with your family?

Honestly, they're just out of the frame!

One summed it up.

Ah well, we hope he's enjoying himself, anyway. Nope, we're definitely, definitely not jealous at all, sitting in our London office...

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