This girl just dumped someone via Spotify

@errikkxa/Twitter Screengrab

When you think of 'break up playlist', you think of 'Nothing Compares 2 U' by Sinead O'Connor or Adele's 'Someone Like you'.

19-year-old Kirsten Titus had a rather different idea for a 'break up playlist'.

Titus and 20-year-old Wyatt Hall met at Brigham Young University - but it seems she missed the "How Not To Dump A Guy" seminar.

Titus told BuzzFeed Newsthat the pair had gone on "a lot of creative dates", including planting a cactus on a mountain, a.k.a. the single most romantic experience possible between two humans.

But after a little while, Titus decided they were "better as friends".

So she decided to let Hall know in a tuneful way...

With a Spotify playlist.

(Shout out to any millennials who remember when it wasn't acceptable to dump people over the phone).

Her supportive sister ratted her out on Twitter...



Do You...


Want To

Kiss Me


I Am

Kinda Lovin

Someone Else


We Can Still Be Friends


Titus didn't seem too happy...

Although judging by the 5,000 retweets and almost 10,000 likes, everyone else was.

But some had harsh words for Titus the Betrayer..

Even poor Wyatt had something to say...

A more obvious choice might have been...

This Shakespearean tale had it all - love, rejection, sibling conflict, mixed messages, someone called Titus...

But from this, we learn an important lesson.

Or a Spotify playlist.

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