The title of David Cameron's autobiography is ‘For the Record’ and people have thoughts


David Cameron, former British Prime Minister and the executor of the infamous 2016 referendum on EU membership, has just released an autobiography.

It’s called, David Cameron: For the Record. Which we're going to admit makes it sound a teeny bit Partridge.

The book, which will be released in September by William Collins UK, a month before the October 31 Brexit deadline. Presumably for fear of it being something of a buzzkill buy after Brexit has actually happened.

Cameron’s infamous EU referendum promise made up part of the Tory manifesto in 2015 and led to Britain’s, in hindsight, kneejerk decision to leave the bloc.

The books publisher is calling it “a frank and personal account” of Cameron’s time at number 10.

And let's just so the reactions have not been kind.

And the name Cameron decided on

And so the jokes began...

Some were of the Black Mirror variety...

And the rumours concerning him and a dead pig.

People really want to know about the pig

Others suggested alternative book names

And The Big Green Bookshop is flat out 'not selling it'

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