Remember the early noughties?

It was a time when we didn’t have a reality TV star as US president and Boris Johnson was known as a maverick backbench MP. It wasn’t without its challenges, but compared to the horror show of 2020 it feels like a simpler time.

One person who’s reminding British people all about how great that era was, when reality stars were simply reality stars and not politicians, is Davina McCall.

The former Big Brother host is an icon of British TV, and she’s just trolled Donald Trump in the most hilarious way.

On Twitter, she posted a photo of herself on an “eviction night” where housemates would be voted out of the house.

She accompanied the snap with the text:

White House, this is Davina. You are live on Channel 4. Please do not swear. Donald, I'm coming to get you!

These are McCall’s most iconic lines from the show, marking the point where a contestant would exit into the outside world.

The joke is intended as a dig at Trump, because all indicators point to the fact that he has lost the election, but he’s still refusing to concede. The meme was created by @thefattony.

On Twitter, people thought the joke was hilarious, with fans calling McCall "a legend" and "hilarious".

With votes still being counted, Trump is refusing to concede despite being behind in key battleground states.

Perhaps we'll be needing McCall's help to get him out of there?

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