Here's Shaun King’s 10-point plan for defeating Donald Trump

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Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News columnist Shaun King has devised a plan of action to remove Donald Trump from office.

Some might say the move comes six months too late, given the presidential election was last November.

However the social justice writer has his eyes firmly fixed on 2020.

In a ten-point itinerary posted on Twitter, King begins with the basics.

In a thinly-veiled attack on Hillary Clinton, he then talks about having strong opposition candidates.

He underlines the importance of competing liberal movements working together.

Again taking a swipe at Clinton, King then highlights the need to get millennials on board.

He advocates a grassroots campaigning strategy in each state.

He then talks about the importance of getting “dirty money” out of Democratic Party politics.

King also wants to see Democrat candidates replicate the massive Trump-style campaign rallies that characterised the presidential race (the ones where several thousand people cram into a sports hall and there's at least one fight).

He suggests the reason Clinton lost in November was that her policy proposals were just too complicated. Easily digestible chunks please.

He urges Trump’s opponents to get organised and start planning for the next presidential contest – now.

And finally he emphasises the need for total reform.

King's plan was largely well received on Twitter, but many users had a few points of their own to add:

It may not be the most foolproof plan, but after 60 days of chaos, travel bans, wild wire-tapping claims and ceaseless attacks on the press, we'll take anything.

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