Did that sex toy car crash story really happen?

This week a story about a woman in Cirencester who was distracting herself with a vibrator whilst driving and caused a minor accident made headlines around the internet.

The unidentified woman, whom Jezebel described as "living her best life", was reportedly bored and stuck in traffic when the effects caused by her "Rampant Rabbit-style" sex toy caused her to hit the accelerator and rear-end the back of a stationary M&J Seafood van.

The woman, described as in her mid-30s, was driving a Mini Cooper. No one was hurt but the drivers swapped details for insurance purposes, and bosses at M&J proceeded to check the footage from the van's rear camera.

When they checked the video they were somewhat surprised to see the woman had been checking the oil solo and was also captured zipping up her trousers somewhat red-faced.

The Gloucestershire Echo and Bristol Post report that M&J are not releasing the video evidence, and when i100.co.uk asked the company for confirmation that the incident had taken place we were referred to Nexus PR, who had no comment either.

A spokesperson from Gloucester police said that no incident fitting the rather memorable description above had been reported to them but as it was a minor collision it's possible it wasn't reported.

This story may have set off our bulls__t detectors but there's no time like the present for a reminder that masturbation is totally safe and normal - unless you're behind the wheel of a car.

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