The 63 differences between British and American English


America and Britain have a lot more in common than their special relationship. Remember when our leaders held hands that one time?

One thing that’s vastly different though, is how we implement the English language.

It was perhaps best summed up by the comedy god Eddie Izzard:

In fact, the differences are so plentiful that the good folks over at Grammar check were able to make a huge infographic listing them.

The 63 differences (we're sure there are more) have been collated to act as a handy guide for next time you cross the ocean – if only to avoid any awkward moments in a stationery shop.

Here’s the infographic, put together by Grammar Check.

Picture:Picture: Grammar Check

Some are obvious, like autumn and fall, but others are a lesser known – such as cooker and stove, lorry and truck and queue and line.

Picture:Picture: Grammar Check

Memorise (or memorize) these before any holidays to one country or the other in order to avoid any confusion - because there's a lot of potential for that to happen.

Then you can sit and enjoy your biscuits/cookies in the privacy of your rented flat/apartment after you've hit the pavements/sidewalks and visited the shops/stores.

Picture:Picture: Grammar Check

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